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Learn from home, at your own pace, with a professional abstract painter!
John Beckley
Born in 1980, I have been practicing abstract painting since 2006. I am a self-taught artist and learned everything by the many years of practice that are behind me now. So far, on my website, and in galleries I've sold more than 2000 abstract paintings worldwide. I have exhibited in many galleries and have participated in dozens of exhibitions.
Maybe you want to get started in abstract painting but you don't know where to begin?
  • Are you disappointed with your work and not happy with what you do?
  • Do you get frustrated because you don't know what techniques to use for your abstract paintings?
  • Are you afraid you will buy the wrong equipment?
  • Do you have trouble finishing your paintings?
  • Want to easily find inspiration?
It's quite normal!
All artists go through a learning phase, big and small
When we start in abstract painting, it is difficult to find inspiration and get started without knowing a few rules and techniques.  
Abstract painting is more complex than it appears to the layman, so for a beginner artist starting out in abstract painting can be confusing and they often give up. That's why training will not only help you to save a lot of time on learning but it will also help you to overcome your obstacles.  
How did I progress and reach this level?
I started painting abstract in 2006 and at the time we didn't have youtube or online training, so I created and invented all my techniques, as well as my own style of painting, and this has enabled me to succeed. Create a style!  

So, I spent countless hours practicing painting to discover, learn, and invent the techniques that I currently use in my abstract paintings.  

Throughout the years, I've painted more than 2,000 abstract paintings, of which 99% were sold all over the world!
Why do I want to help you?
When I started to post videos on internet to show my work, I started to receive a very large number of message asking for advice, to explain how I did this or that. So I decided to share my experience which I gained through years of practice.

That is why I created paintinglesson.tv! To share with my experience, techniques, tips, and advice, and thus save you precious years learning. This will enable you to progress faster than those who don’t follow this training. 
Here are some testimonials from those who have taken the courses.
John, your videos are so inspirational. I have never painted before and never really "understood" abstract art, but I have been learning so much from your videos, and learning about how abstract is all about colour and movement and freedom of expression. I've created some original stuff that I'm really proud of, and can say it is hanging happily in my house. As a fellow musician, I really love that your soundtracks are original too! Keep doing what you do, man. You've changed me! 
Thank you John, Your videos are very informative! 
One word...AMAZING! Thank you for ALL your help and answering every question I have..this site has truly opened my mind up to so much more interesting thoughts.. Thanks again for all your help John! Keep up the great work :) 
OMG you're brilliant! I stumbled upon your work today because I was looking for new techniques for my pop art series and I feel in love with your work. You should come and have an exhibition in England :)
United Kingdom
All courses are available with English subtitles.
Donny Riki
Donny's progress in abstract painting
Donny's Testimony on Abstract Painting Training
All courses are available with English subtitles.
Steve Sharp
Steve's Testimony on Abstract Painting Training
All courses are available with English subtitles.
Peg Weiko
*evolution of Peg's paintings
Peg's Testimony* on Abstract Painting Training
*Testimony in French with English subtitles
All courses are available with English subtitles.
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All courses are available with English subtitles.
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